Why Choose Resin Flooring for your Custom Home?

Often the quest in building a one-of-a-kind custom home includes having beautiful floors, and rightly so. People get a feel of your home by standing and walking around your floors. It’s the first thing visitors come in contact with.

Since flooring is a lifelong interior fixture, choosing high-quality flooring materials and finishes is one of the best ways to begin your custom home journey. We all know that flooring comes in many types from classic marble to the much-favored terrazzo, then there’s granite, wood, ceramic, and carpet flooring. Without a doubt, well-made elegant floors from such materials will make your custom home stand out.

But have you heard of resin flooring?

A staple of commercial interiors, resin flooring started as a popular flooring system for high foot traffic facilities. In fact, resin floors can really take a beating from footwork, furniture, and machinery movement, and yet remain utterly scratch and skid-free. It’s very functional and practical in many ways, and now it has become a great choice for residential floors.

What is Resin Flooring?

Resin flooring is a professional custom job that’s well-suited to any modern custom home. The installation involves meticulously pouring resin material on a hard surface followed by a curing period after which the resin forms a sturdy layer. Furthermore, several resin coatings may be applied to achieve a certain thickness or a glossy effect. In some instances, the final layer may even incorporate aggregates. Resin flooring is made from a number of materials such as polyurethane, epoxy, organic biopolymers, and natural stones.

The floor requirements of your custom home are very much influenced by the design, layout, and style of your home. Homeowners may choose a uniform look for the entirety of their floors or they may choose to use flooring as an obvious partition for an open layout home design. When it comes to custom home design, a change of floor material signals the start of a new space. For example, your living room may have an elegant teak hardwood material to complement the walls and furniture while your kitchen may have a glossy resin floor finish to keep those cooking spills at bay.

What makes resin flooring ideal for a custom home in Whangarei?

There are many good reasons to have resin floors on your custom build home, but if you need more convincing, check out the best features of resin flooring:

Durable. Resin has the surface strength to handle the brunt of heavy weights and sudden shocks. It’s a hardwearing floor material that’s designed to last for years.

Gives your interiors a seamless look. Resin floors are made-to-fit your space, it lends a continuous and open feel to any room. Unlike tiles or pattern floors that have repetitive designs and borders, resin floors are wall-to-wall seamless.

There’s room for variety! You are spoilt for choice when you choose resin flooring, you can have a textured surface, shiny, polished, semi-gloss, and even matte. Tones can range from bright to neutral. It’s a very versatile option when you are looking for a specific color to match your interiors.

Stain and slip-resistant. The cleaning upkeep of resin floors is definitely low-maintenance unlike carpets or hardwood floors which when stained require specific ways to clean.

Cost is cheaper. The bigger the coverage, the cheaper it gets. If you have a large space, every square metre of resin flooring will cost you less.

Having unique and sturdy floors is a must for every custom home. Create the dream home you’ve always wanted, build it anywhere in Whangarei. Whether you want a specific floor material or prefer to have resin material flooring, we’ll help you find the most suitable flooring option for your custom home.

Here at Homeworld, we have your back from start to finish when it comes to managing your custom home building and design. We’ve been building quality custom homes for over 40 years. From planning, design to completion, we’ll get things done. Call us at Homeworld for our custom home build services at 0800 86 89 86 today or just fill in our contact form on our website.

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