Whangarei Homebuilding: Will my homebuilding project be affected because of rain?

Let’s discuss the impact that wet weather has on the building of Whangarei houses.

We all know that completed homes are built with every component that is required, primarily to shield the structure of a house from the destructive effects of natural forces such as wind and rain.

Now when a house is being constructed, the materials that are intended to frame the house are subjected to the weather, which means that it is possible for the rain to cause the materials to get soaked and wet.

Of course, it's very common for the framing of a Whangarei home to get wet during the construction process- it can’t be helped, and in most cases, this is not a major cause for concern. However, you can expect potential damage if the wet weather turns into a consistent deluge for days on end. We all know water damage can cause rot, warping, and other types of structural problems.

Here at Homeworld we cover homes when the weather is forecast to turn, but if a deluge occurs we check our building sites to ensure that no issues have occurred.

For What Reasons Does Rain Cause Problems on Homebuilding Locations?

There are a few issues that arise when it rains on a construction site. Of course, for the sake of clarity, there is rain, like the typical slight drizzle which is bearable, and there is rain that floods an area which makes construction very difficult.

The first is the risk of flooding if it rains heavily. When wet, the terrain can become difficult to work in. Workers cannot be expected to move heavy tools and construction materials about on such a surface, especially if the site is uneven and sloped. Additionally, cars and heavy machinery will likely have trouble gaining traction. As Whangarei’s leading new home builder we will, of course, seek to provide a clear working environment to ensure such delays are avoided.

Another builder’s issue is that tools and materials might be ruined by wet weather. At the beginning of a Whangarei construction project, there is usually no-one on site to keep supplies dry and safe from the elements. Although many modern construction materials can withstand weather for extended periods of time, it is still preferable to keep them out of the rain whenever feasible. This is why at Homeworld we work on a clear and clean construction environment, and adhere to best practices to ensure nothing unnecessary is left on site. A messy site will undoubtedly be affected more by a torrential downpour. Homeworld building sites are some of the most tidy in Whangarei.

Concrete work can be compromised. As water is required for the mixture, too much of it can affect the finished product. Because it has the potential to wash away part of the cement from the mixture, heavy rain can be problematic for recently poured concrete. This can cause the surface of the concrete to become more porous, which will result in a softer texture and a reduction in the concrete's overall strength.

When Homeworld arrange the pouring of concrete for foundations, we take steps to protect the concrete after pouring and if a weather bomb is incoming, make the decision to delay the pour - because building exceptional homes is a must at Homeworld.

Last but not least, construction work must stop when it's too wet to continue. It is also putting tradesmen at risk, tasks like roofing, bricklaying, and excavating soil should be best avoided when it's raining hard outside. It's best to wait for the rain to stop before continuing with construction.

Now, let's circle back to the original question: would the rain cause my home-building project to fail?

It is probable that you will experience some inclement weather while the construction of your new Whangarei home is underway. Although this is not always the case, if you collaborate with Homeworld, who are experienced homebuilders here in the north, we will be able to assist you in determining the stage of your construction project and how the environment may be affected by the weather.

Just because the weather is nice doesn't mean the building site is dry enough to resume work. It's imperative to evaluate each potential location separately. This is why we have dedicated project managers and site managers. Sites can sometimes resume operations a day or two after heavy rains have stopped.

Rain or shine, Homeworld can help you kickstart your construction endeavor. We are a competent home construction company in Whangarei and will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring that you have what you need to get your project off the ground. We may be reached at 0800 86 89 86, so don't hesitate to call us today!

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