The Fundamental Aesthetic of Polished Concrete Floors – And Why You’ll Love Them for your Home Design!

Who doesn’t love the look of a beautiful polished concrete?

If polished concrete floors have been on your wish list - you'll be happy to know that they're in vogue right now.

For those into Whangarei homebuilding and keeping up with interior design trends, we all know that polished concrete floors are having a moment.

At first glance, concrete floors may seem unsuitable for more intimate settings. Given its close ties to the Brutalist and modern-industrial aesthetics. To the contrary, it opens up a wide variety of possibilities for interior design themes and motifs.

Today, floors made of polished concrete are the epitome of contemporary elegance. In the recent decade, they've risen to prominence as one of the most popular options for high-end flooring installations.

5 key reasons to consider Polished Concrete:

Create and design freely. Given that polished concrete flooring tends to be quite basic (as standard) and neutral, it provides interior designers with a great blank canvas onto which to layer their choice of colours, textures, and patterns - even into the polished floors themselves!

Work with a Mix of Materials. Polished concrete floors allow other materials to shine. Polished concrete floors have a propensity to harmonize and balance anything you put into the area, whether you choose brilliant maximalist colors or nature-inspired neutrals, or add period pieces or modern furniture, or even bring flora from outside.

Cost-effective. Another perk of polished concrete floors, if you want to create a big style statement without breaking the bank, concrete flooring is a great option.

Durability is king. Polished concrete floors last longer. This is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas or rooms with large, harsh furniture. There's no need to be concerned about scratching or ruining the floor.

Easy to clean. The low-maintenance nature of concrete floors is another major plus. Concrete floors are more resistant to damage from moisture and insects than hardwoods, natural wood, tiles, and rugs. And, it's also usually simple to clean and sanitize.

Lighting, the hues and textures of furnishings and accents, and even the scenery beyond the windows can all affect how polished concrete flooring looks in your new home. All these factors must be considered early during the construction, and if you are in need of homebuilding and home design advice in Whangarei, feel free to reach out to Homeworld.

As polished concrete floors are now very much in style, and if you want them to be part of your Whangarei homebuilding plans -contact us and let’s talk about building your dream home at 0800 86 89 86.

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