Neutral Wood Tones Can Look Great in your Whangarei Dream Home, and Here's Why!

Colour decisions for the living spaces can span the gamut from wall paint to upholstery to throw pillows to wall art.

These days, neutral tones with a hint of wood provide a soothing haven. Using a variety of wood tones in your decor is a great way to add visual interest by playing with different tones of the same colour and different textures and patterns.

However, how can any Whangarei homeowner avoid having their space look like a hodgepodge of different wood tones?

While there may be no set guidelines, there are a few things to bear in mind when working with wood or wood treatments to create a certain atmosphere. To start, the hues found in natural wood are neutrals that may be easily integrated into any design scheme.

Let's define "neutral colours."

Neutral denotes colourless when referring to decor. Despite their apparent lack of tonality, neutrals like beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and various shades of white sometimes with subtler tints. When choosing paint or coordinating colours, keep these tones in mind. Beige, for instance, can have an undertone of pink, tan, gold, or gray, creating greige, a contemporary and popular neutral. A white that isn't pure could have hints of ivory, yellow, blue, or peach. There are two main ways to incorporate neutrals into your home's design scheme: as the main focus (for a mellow, neutral-only look), or as a neutral backdrop (for bolder accents).

A neutral colour plan when designing your Whangarei home can serve as a blank slate on which you can try out textiles and accessories of more hues.

For assistance in selecting a neutral colour scheme, please refer to the following:

Choose complementary hues - in fact, it's fine to use both cold and warm wood tones together.

Often raw wood in the space has a variety of tones, which adds visual interest. You can increase a room's aesthetic value by combining woods of various tones and textures.

Feel free to use accents in some or all of the colours utilised to create a unified look for the room.

In addition, neutrals are preferred by homebuyers because they are relaxing and modern, allowing them to see themselves in the space.

A room with neutral tones is often a soothing space if done right, but it can also make a strong style statement or create an ominous atmosphere. Give us a ring if you're in need of some creative advice and direction for your home's interior design or home construction in Whangarei.

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