Home and Land Packages Whangarei – Major Advantages of Purchasing an NZ Home and Land Package

How has your home search this year gone? It’s certainly been a game of two halves. But the rules of the game haven’t changed – build new and you get to control your finished end home. No compromises.

Anyone looking for a decent house and land package usually has a selected criteria on how their house should be. Of course, you’d like it to be in a pleasant and peaceful neighbourhood, on a piece of land that’s big enough for future needs, and architecturally charming with great curb appeal. And though this is by no means an exhaustive list of items to deal with, it might be challenging for some to find a nice house and land package to build their dreams on.

The term “house and land package” refers to a home that is constructed on a lot owned by a (typically) exclusive developer. The benefit, one single point of contact and an easier process throughout.

One of the best long-term investments you can make is in a home and land package. Let us explain why:

One of the key benefits of a house and land package is the potential cost savings for the buyer.

Surveys, title searches, and other closing charges are also required expenditures when purchasing a new property. These extra charges are typically not necessary when purchasing a house and land package. Thousands of dollars can be saved by simply choosing a Homeworld home and land package..

Going more into this, the perk of a house-and-land deal is that it usually allows for some personalisation of the house.

When you buy a package from a homebuilder, you get to choose the improvements and extras. It’s a great way to personalise your home without breaking the bank on a bespoke build.

Truly, you have the freedom to build the home of your dreams.

A home and land package allows you to collaborate with a builder to design a house that meets your specific requirements. Everything, from the design to the details, is up for grabs. When you build a house from the ground up, you can include all the amenities you want, unlike when you buy an existing property.

Make some financial allowances.

You can take advantage of first-time homebuyer incentives. There are government rebates and other discounts available to people who are purchasing their first homes, simply ask your Homeworld build consultant, who will know the latest.

Streamlines the home-buying process.

If you’re looking to buy a property, buying a house and land package can make things easier. Fact is, there are many parts to consider and coordinate when investing in a new home.

Get in touch with Homeworld

When you buy a home and land package, however, the Homeworld trusted homebuilder team handles all of these details for you, including land acquisition, permit processing, and project management.

If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing on location or the ability to build your dream house from the ground up, a home and land package may be the best option for you.

Our Whangarei homebuilding company has been in business for decades, making us a seasoned veteran in the NZ home construction market. We are experts at making unique home and land packages that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Truly, if you want a genuinely one-of-a-kind custom home, don’t hesitate to call us at 0800 86 89 86 right now to get the ball rolling.

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