Benefits of Homebuilding with a Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee

Build and design your home without worry. If you use a NZCB-licensed contractor, you can apply for a 10-year residential guarantee called Halo.

The only way to get this special protection for your construction project is to choose a professional home builder that has been vetted and authorised by the New Zealand Certified Builders’ Association.

One such reliable Whangarei home builder that comes with the Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee is Homeworld.

Getting your house protected through Halo is one of the most sensible and practical things you can do because not all New Zealand builders come with a solid and reputable guarantee. If something goes wrong during construction or a major renovation, it could become the most expensive payment you’ve ever make. To put it simply, you could lose a lot of money—possibly more than you would have spent on the project altogether. But with the Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee in place, you can construct your dream home with complete confidence.

But what is the new Halo 10 year Residential Guarantee Insurance Scheme exactly?

There’s a bit of interesting history on how this came about, the Board of Certified Builders Association conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Guarantee Schemes, which resulted in the creation of the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Insurance Scheme, which is designed specifically for Certified Builders Association members. The terms of the coverage were negotiated with BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited, and Lloyd’s of London is providing the insurance.

What are the big benefits when you go with a homebuilder that offers a Halo Residential Guarantee?

Just to get into the specifics, the Property Owner will be protected from the following risks with the Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee Insurance policy:

Loss of deposits in the event that the Builder fails to initiate construction.

Assembling begins, but construction is never finished by the construction firm. Not to worry, there's Halo.

Once construction is finished, the owner will have 10 years of protection against the cost of any structural faults, including those related to air and water leaks, at no additional cost to themselves.

Ten years of coverage for the full contract price in the event of non-structural deficiencies after the building works have been completed, as required by Section 362 of the Building Act.

Also to highlight the Halo Residential Guarantee Insurance also covers the following:

The insurance will pay for the whole amount of the contract's sum insured. If the total contract price is insured, then the insured amount is adequate to cover any potential losses.

Additional Costs Related to Finding Other Sleeping Arrangements. In the event that the owner needs to find temporary housing while repairs are being made, the coverage will cover the cost.

Included in this policy is protection against liability claims made by third parties for injuries sustained during construction. After the first year of the 10-year guarantee period, the insurer will assume responsibility for the warranty dispute, negotiate with the property owner, and pay the cost to fix the fault on behalf of the builder.

When you build with a Halo-certified home builder such as Homeworld, you can rest easy knowing that your home is covered for 10 years. That said, you can know more about what the Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee entails when you build your dream with us. Call us anytime at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86 and we’ll let you in further on the details that’s specific to your Whangarei homebuilding plans.

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