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A show home displays the best features and upgrades on offer. On any new property development, a show home will always appeal to a wide

Building your dream house in Whangarei is without question the most exciting and equally scary decision you’ll ever make.

A custom home is a well-thought out vision, this isn’t a transitional or momentary place of residence. It’s something any homeowner aspires to achieve; an investment one hopes will pass the test of time.

Whangarei and Northland have many stunning residential enclaves, it is the ideal place to take root whether you’re starting a family, retiring or looking to start a new business.

Master Builders are the visionaries of the construction world. Along with their experience and skills, they bring in a wealth of ideas.

Building a new home is a huge undertaking. Your needs and design choices should match with the aesthetics, build quality and experience points of your builder.


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