5 Stylish Outdoor Trends Found in Custom-Built Homes

It's not just about having a stylish curb appeal anymore: exterior design is about living and maintaining home value in the years to come.

So much has been said and discussed endlessly about interiors when it comes to custom home design in Whangarei… but have you given much thought about your exterior home design?

Even though both the interior and exterior of a property are equally significant, most homeowners only pay attention to the interiors and often not much energy or interest is given to the exterior design. Though we do know that people are first drawn to a house's outside appearance and feel.

Increasing your home's curb appeal is critical if you hope to sell it at a higher price in the future. In addition to making your property look beautiful, an attractive exterior design can create a wonderful outdoor atmosphere your family can retreat into, extending your living space.

As a result, how do we learn about and adopt the latest trends in exterior design? Work with a custom homebuilder who prioritises the aesthetics of the home with the way you live, whilst also ensuring that the exteriors will last you for many years..

Stylish exterior and outdoor trends in custom-built homes include the following:

On windows, go all out.

Windows are the finest way to get natural light into a room while yet adhering to current interior design trends. Bigger windows mean more natural light. And bi fold doors can extend living spaces endlessly.

Adding more windows and doors to a home is a logical extension of the trend toward bright and airy interiors. The nicer the view, the more windows there should be to open up the space. Elegant and stately windows can make your custom home appear opulent. Depending on the lighting, some window glass can vary the transparency of light and regulate the temperature inside the home.

Active outdoor spaces are becoming a must.

Homeowners today place a higher value on their outdoor space than ever before. The pandemic experience has created a bubble for most people where they now realise how valuable and safe they feel inside their homes.

The restrictions placed on our freedom of movement has allowed homeowners to think about the layout of their homes and how to maximise their living spaces. A growing number of custom house builders are taking on projects where there is a strong emphasis on creating additional spaces that focus on a fusion of indoor-outdoor living.

Whangarei homeowners want easy access to open areas, giving them them the luxury of spending time outside, the opportunity to relax and take in fresh air, all without leaving their property.

An outdoor area in your home that you can retire to at any moment of the day is essential. It will be one of the most enjoyable areas of your home when you consult a Whangarei custom homebuilder to make it a reality.

Make the case for a pergola.

Pergolas provide both shade and shelter from the elements. It's a simple, open construction with intersecting cross beams or lattices. It's easy to see how a pergola could be used as a social gathering spot outside. Pergolas can also be decorated with plants and furniture by homeowners. Adding a pergola to your home will not only provide shade, but it will also improve the overall appearance of your property.

Be open to door design ideas.

Knock, knock! Is your door going to look impressive? It better be. As the custom home's initial focal point, doors always create a design opportunity to make a strong statement. The entrance door can give a solid first impression of your property and sets the tone for the rest of your exterior look and you can achieve this by selecting a door with architecturally significant elements. Various options include wood and earthy-tone doors, iron, and even glass to name a few. It's not simply the swing of the door that provides access and ventilation; some doors can be tilted outwards or pulled out of the way; others may be slid or folded aside.

Make sure you don't forget about the landscaping.

In addition to the walls, the outside of your home includes the broader surrounds, such as your garden, outlying trees, and even the streetscape.

Rather of being an afterthought, pay attention to the how your garage doors, soffits and fascias, and fences blend into the overall external design. The landscaping's impact on the home's appearance is more significant than you perhaps first consider.

A Stylish Exterior is Well Worth It

Even if you choose a different colour, texture, or architectural style for your home's exterior, the materials you choose will be crucial. A useful, appealing, and low-maintenance finish is often sought out as these can endure under the elements for years.

If you get it all right, people are definitely going to marvel at your home as one of the best in the neighbourhood. So make sure you're dealing with the right custom homebuilder for the task.

Here at Homeworld, we've been designing and building bespoke homes for over 40 years, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Following an initial meeting, we will work closely with you to bring your custom house plans to life from interiors to the exteriors.

Build the home of your dreams today in Whangarei. Send us a message right away to discuss your upcoming custom home build at 0800 86 89 86. Homeworld is ready for you!

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