4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your NZ Showhome Visit

For most NZ homebuilders, a showhome serves as the showpiece among the houses in their Whangarei real estate development, and often the first one constructed. it is intended to be used as a display model. So when you do visit, you can expect it to have all of the extras.

Now the decision to build or purchase a new Whangarei home is a long-term and costly investment, and in the period between signing a deal with a homebuilder to construction and moving in, homeowners may come to regret some of their choices. A showhome can help you avoid that trap.

Here we present 4 easy ways to make the most of your time at a showhome presentation, everything is detailed below:

Seeing is Believing

See it firsthand in a showhome. In a Whangarei showhome, you can see the floor plan and the details of the house yourself before committing to a purchase.

In some cases, a homeowner’s opinion might be altered simply by getting a feel for things firsthand. For instance, you might be set on a particular wall splash, but once you see it in the room with the other furnishings and lighting, you may change your mind. Rather than finding out about it after the fact, it’s better to learn about it before construction begins.

You should definitely check out and make time to visit showhomes in Whangarei. It allows you to get ready in advance so that you don’t miss out on crucial details that could affect the outcome of your home building project.

(It is also possible with Homeworld to change details during the build so just remember, YOU are in control with Homeworld).

Get to Ask Questions on the Spot

Besides seeing what is feasible, you can see what’s doable and get answers to your queries on the spot. Don’t be shy, take advantage of your chance to speak with one of their homebuilding experts in person. You won’t have to waste time sending emails or making phone calls to these experts because they can provide you with in-depth responses right away. You will learn about the features of these model showhomes, including what is included and what options are available.

Keep in mind that a model home is just one example of a specific style of house design, and that there are countless permutations available. All the fixtures and fittings can be changed out for something more suitable to your budget and aesthetic preferences.

You can visit us at any time even without the need to visit our Showhome. As we have a team of home build experts available to you.

Orientation and Location

The direction in which a house faces is an important design choice. Sunlight, heating and cooling costs, maintenance, energy and air flow, and other factors are all affected by the orientation of your home. Each orientation has its own benefits, based on your needs as a property owner. Whether north or south-facing, neither one nor the other orientation is inherently superior; rather, they each have their own unique advantages.

On the other hand, homeowners can possibly make better judgments if they are aware of both the benefits and drawbacks. In this way, when you go to a model show home, you can see how the orientation of the house affects the amount of light coming into the house and how much shade is cast over the living areas. That said, you can observe the effects of light and shadow on a home’s orientation by taking note of this when you visit a model show home.

Photos are your Bestfriend

Take as many pictures as you want during your showhome tour. Anywhere you like, snap as many images as you like. Since digital photographs cost nothing but time, take as many as you like! especially if something in the model home, the big and small details capture your interest. What you consider to be a high-quality home is often influenced by several factors, including the design’s plan, flow, furnishings, cabinetry, textures, and colours. Having photos of your showhome experience can help you revisit the details that will factor in your home purchasing decision.

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Countless times, we’ve witnessed how just one trip to one of our model showhomes has completely transformed the lives of our clients. Here at Homeworld, we use a team-oriented, cutting-edge approach to NZ homebuilding construction, and you’ll see that level of quality when you visit one of our Whangarei showhomes. We go even a step further by partnering with you to create a custom home that envisions your dreams. Send us a message today! You can reach us at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86.

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